The $100,000 Letter SOLVES:

What To Do When They Say...

"Your Price Is Too High!"

The US Federal Government Is The Number One Buyer Of Construction Goods and Services On The Planet.

That's Why Every Large Contractor Has The Government As One Of Their Customers.

Your Small Business Should Too!


Cannot Issue A Contract When Offer Is Over Estimate.


$100K Letter!

The 100k letter was created by Doug Reitmeyer in 2003.

It has since been used to generate over $3,000,000!

Have you ever had a client tell you that your bid is too high?

I suffered with this painful problem for over 25 years because I thought there were only two solutions;

Either lower my bid or don't take the job.

Then in 2003, it happened again.

Contracting Officer Tony Clayborne at Arnold AFB, TN called to tell me that my bid was too high on a contract that I really wanted.

Suddenly, it was like a flashbulb going off - I had an idea.

It was a Friday and so I asked Tony if I could write him a letter about my bid and email it to him on Monday.

Tony said OK.

I spent the whole weekend writing a letter designed to change the Government's perception of my bid and to forever solve the problem of "Your bid is too high".

As promised, the email was sent to Tony on Monday morning.

All day I waited in anticipation; nothing, not one email or phone call.

Was it all for naught?

Then BAM!

Tuesday morning, in my email was a full price contract award!

No phone call, no discussion, just a full price contract award.

The letter had worked like magic!

Over the next three months that $363,000 project made more than $100,000.

Thus the document became known as the hundred thousand dollar letter.

And it didn't just work for me.

One of the Advanced Training Workshop graduates, Jeff Williams of JF Construction, sent an exciting and unsolicited email explaining in detail how he used the $100K letter to make over $60,000 on a contract in Pennsylvania.

You can read it:

In fact, to date, over 3 million dollars of extra profit has been made by client companies that is directly attributable to the proper use of my $100K letter.

Testimonial from Frey Radfar


Design+Build Group just recently submitted a proposal on a design job (pre-construction services) only to receive an e-mail back from the client saying we were way too high.

My heart sank, I got frustrated that we wasted so much time in meetings to put together their bid, and then I remembered the 100K Letter!

It works for Doug why not us?

We excitedly pulled out the $100K Letter to use as our template, made the necessary changes, and sent it off.

I'll go ahead and say now that the result of this proposal is inconsequential.

What's important is that we didn't have to back down on our costs to take on an unprofitable project.

You've provided us with a way to professionally explain why our proposal was higher than they expected and that in itself is a great burden solved.


Frey Radfar

Owner, Design+Build Group